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Here are snippets of what the NSFs and undergraduates share in social media about their current or prospective studies in universities. 

Brain Rusty due to 2-Year NS

The writer lamented that he has forgotten even the basic mathematics after NS. Clearly academic preparation before university is needed.

This NSF is worried about brain degeneration after 2 years in NS and is thinking of how to prepare for his university studies.

Brain rusty due to NS and need to university prep

This writer and his friends had realized that their brains have become “rusty” due to the two years gap due to NS and are looking for resources to prepare for their university studies.

The write emphasized that because the brain has not been doing academic studies for two years while in NS, it has forgotten even the basic things that he had learned and he will feel stupid. Academic preparation before starting university studies will be of great help.

Weak Academic Foundation

This is a case of a poly graduate facing difficulties in coping with university studies. His unfavourable situation is compounded by the Covid-19 pandemic which left him unable to get assistance from his classmates. He is not only concerned that he is doing poorly in the current module, but he is also aware that his poor mathematics foundations will be another cause of concern when he will have to take statistics and computational thinking both of which require mathematics.

This undergrad is doing so poorly that he is worried about the consequence of failing the module.

This is one of the many sad stories of students failing university studies and dropping out. If only he/she had prepared for his/her university studies, there would be no such dire state.

The writer stated that the level of mathematics in university is way above that of A-level and it requires deep understanding. Doing suitable mathematics studies would be a great help.

Danger of Choosing Wrong Course

This student had chosen the wrong course, and doing poorly in the course, and hopes to start all over with another course in another university. His further problem is that there will be no more tuition grants for the second undergrad course and so his tuition fees will be very high! Doing an eprep course before starting the university might have alerted him that the course that he was about to pursue was not suitable for him.

Binomial solution in engineering mathematics - calculus eprep course

This undergrad had chosen the wrong course of studies and is facing difficulties in trying to change it

This student regrets not choosing the course that he had a gut feel for.

This writer gives the warning that many students choose the wrong courses and want to change their courses of studies in universities.

Choose a course you like

The writer emphasized the importance of choosing a course you like in university. 

Chose wrong course in uni

The writer had chosen the wrong course in uni and now he wants to transfer to another course.

Wrong Course of Studies in University

The writer said that he has chosen a course that does not interest him and finds that it is now a chore to continue the study.

Importance of Maths & Physics

In response to a question, this person advised going deep into the calculus from the calculus of one variable to Fourier transform. He further pointed out that A-level mathematics is insufficient.

Chemical Engineering Needs maths and physics

In university chemistry, physics (e.g. thermodynamics) and maths play very important roles

This senior in a university doing computer science advised a computer science aspirant about the need for a good understanding of mathematics, as there is a big jump in the level of difficulties from A level.

The writer emphasizes that statistics is a very important part of the psychology course and one should brush up on his statistic.

This senior in economics course advised that mathematics is very important in university economics.

Maths in University Econ

The writer expressed the importance of mathematics and physics in his economic undergraduate studies.

Miscellaneous Postings

Chem Eng course Needs strong maths n physics

This is advice given by a student doing chemical engineering that chem eng is very much related to physics and mathematics.

The writer highlighted the mathematics/physics nature of chemistry.


An NSF/NSMan should prepare for his university studies so that he can get ahead instead of being disadvantaged and left behind.

He is advised to do the hard thing now – take up an eprep course to study. Remember, no pain no gain.

It is also important that he explores his passion so that he will not land up with the wrong course of study. He can achieve this by signing up for one of these ten eprep courses listed below by NTU which provide access to materials to all other courses, and more such as Python programming, discrete maths, psychology, etc.

By taking the Relevant ePrep Course shows his Interests and Preparation and may even help in course admission under the discretionary criteria (ASA).

The following e-PREP courses were prepared by NTU specifically to serve these objectives.

Ten Special University ePrep Courses by NTU:

These NTU’s ePrep Courses which were prepared specially to cater to the needs of Singapore men serving the national service are now also open to the general public and overseas students.
Those not going for any university study can also use these courses for personal upgrading.
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