NS ePrep Course – Why the Need?

NS ePrep Course: Build Foundation

Academic studies in university can be very challenging especially if the foundation is weak.

There are many new concepts to learn, but learning these new concepts takes time.

 JC and polys do not sufficiently prepare the students as the students can get by through spoon-feeding and rote learning.

Parents prepare their children for kindergartens and prepare them for primary schools. They do not realize their children need to prepare for university!

Lectures can be frustrating because the professors’ academic levels are so high above those of the students, and boring because the professors may have never work outside the ivory tower and are more interested in performing research.

NS ePrep Course: Get You Ahead

A strong foundation makes learning easy and fun.

Academic preparation leads to good progress and grades.

Study at the introductory (year-1 or even year-2) university level to get ahead of the pack.

Keen competition from those who prepare for university studies and those who are not prepared will be left behind.

As one accumulates academic credits, it becomes harder and harder to improve one’s CGPA. It may be too late to get a satisfactory CGPA!

Students with poor CGPA may be asked to leave.

Lost 2 Years in NS 

– Remediate with NS ePrep Course 

2-year lapse makes the brains rusty while those of girls and foreign students still fresh and active

Pre-learned materials in JCs/Polys have been forgotten and hard to recall.

Difficulty in adjusting back to academic life after NS, especially when the mindsets and skillsets are so very different.

War games and fire fighting may be exciting, but lectures and doing assignments can be very boring.

NS ePrep Course: Helps Discover Your Passion

Take one ePrep course seriously to test your passion.

Try out other subjects from among the bonus course materials available to explore your other passions.

Important to discover if you have chosen the wrong course of studies.

NS ePrep Course: Lead to Healthy Life

No undue stress in university if you have no difficulty coping in your studies, while academic difficulties can cause stress and despairs.

Can afford to participate in exciting in- and out-of-campus activities.

Can establish strong and healthy life-long friendships

Live a happy university life as it should be.

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Preparatory Studies before Starting University

 Register for any of the Ten Special ePrep Courses listed below to Better Prepare Yourself for Uni Studies.

Do the Hard Thing now to Perform Well in University.

Taking the Course shows Your Seriousness in Studies & May Help in Admission under ASA 

Remember, No Pain No Gain!

For those not going for any University Studies, these courses are also Excellent for Personal Upgrading.

Ten Special NS ePrep Courses by NTU

These NTU’s NS ePrep Courses which were prepared specially to cater to the needs of Singapore men serving the national service are now also open to the general public and overseas students.
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