University e-Preparation Courses by NTU

Unique Features

Free Textbook

A hard copy university-level textbook accompanies every course.
This is one of the features that differentiates e-PREP courses by NTU from practically every other course being offered under the NS e-PREP Scheme.

Answers & Solutions

Answers & solutions to all the questions and problems in the textbooks (as well as those separately provided in the course sites) are provided.

Professionally Produced Materials

Most of the materials (videos, animations, answers, and solutions, etc) provided at the course sites are professionally produced by the publishers of the textbooks.


The learning materials can come in many different forms. Depending on the course registered for, they can be in the forms of video lectures, video illustrations, interactive animations, interactive questions and answers, online exercises, problems with solutions in files, glossaries, word puzzles, etc.

Bonus Course Materials

In addition to the learning materials for the course registered, most materials on all other nine courses are also provided, plus on other subjects such as Python programming, discrete mathematics, economics, and psychology.

Tests and Exercises with Feedbacks

After taking the tests or performing online exercises, not only the correct answers are given, workings or the rationale for the correct answers may be provided.


Personalized consultation by a retired NTU professor is provided to all students. The consultation can be via email or WhatsApp messaging, and it is available even beyond the course period.

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University e-Preparatory Studies

 Register for any of the ten special ePrep courses listed below to prepare for your university studies.

Do the hard thing now so that you can perform well and have an easier life in university.  

Demonstrate your Passion & Commitment for Academic Studies

For those not going for any university studies, these courses are also excellent for personal upgrading.

Ten Special University e-Preparation Courses 


Nanyang Technological University

Compare these courses with those offered by other vendors such as Udemy

These NTU’s ePrep Courses which were prepared specially to cater to the needs of Singapore men serving the national service are now also open to the general public and overseas students.
Those not going for any university study can also use these courses for personal upgrading.

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