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Univesrsity Preparation – Why the Need

Need for ePrep course as uni prep

ePrep Courses that will Get You a Head Start in Any University

Ten ePrep Courses by NTU Singapore

Unique Features

Free Hard Copy Textbook
Every one of these ten ePrep courses by NTU comes with a free hard copy of a popular university textbook published by Cengage. This feature of providing free textbook distinguishes these academic university preparation courses from most other eLearning prep courses.
Complete Answers and Solutions
 Answers and solutions are provided to all the questions and problems in the textbook that comes free with the university preparation course, as well additional questions and problems beyond those in the textbooks.
Professional Quality Animations/Videos/Illustrations
 The animations, videos, and other illustrations are professionally produced by the textbook publishers, Cengage, which make this uni prep eLearning course effective and fun.
Wide Variety of Learning Materials for Rigorous Studies
A wide variety of learning materials in various forms provide a wide range of learning means as well as a rigorous approach to academic preparation for university studies.
Additional Useful Bonus Materials on  Other Subjects
 Every student who signs up for one of these ePrep courses gets access to the best of the other nine courses, and more (e.g. Economics, Python, Discrete Mathematics, and Psychology). The student will have the opportunity to prepare for a few other subjects as well. This provides the students a much more comprehensive academic preparation for their demanding pursuit in the universities.
Exercises with Useful Feedbacks
 There are interactive exercises and they provide useful feedbacks such as the solution steps or the rationale for the correct answers so that the students will gain a more thorough understanding of the principles and applications. 
Extended Free Personalized Consultation by the Retired NTU Prof 
The free personalized consultation by the retired NTU professor is provided not just during the course, but beyond as well. In this way, not only will the students have a good collection of learning materials for use in their university studies, they have a personalized adviser when they need assistance while in universities as well.

NS e-PREP Courses by NTU – The Response

Every year hundreds sign up for NTU’s ePrep eLearning courses and benefit from them. Don’t be left out.
There is no need to register for more than one of these ten university preparation ePrep courses because materials on other subjects are also provided on each course site as a bonus. In other words, signing up for only one of these uni prep courses enables a student to have a quite comprehensive preparation for his/her university study, or simply for upgrading. 
By signing up for any of these ten special ePrep courses for university preparation, you get the best of all the ten courses, and more (e.g. Python Programming, Discrete Mathematics, Economics, and Psychology)!  

NS e-PREP Courses – Open to All

The e-prep course fee is $385.  The $350 subsidy under the Singapore NS e-PREP Scheme can be used for any of these NTU’s e-Prep courses and so an NSF/NSMan pays only $35. 
These NTU’s ePrep Courses for university academic preparation which were prepared, in collaboration with textbook publisher Cengage, specially for Singapore men serving the national service are now also open to the general public and overseas students.
While these NS e-PREP (a.k.a. ePrep, e_Prep, e-learning or elearning) courses are developed for those going to universities in mind, those not going to the universities can also take these e-prep courses to upgrade themselves and to expose themselves to a university-level course so that they can gain some of the benefits of university education.

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