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Encourage University Preparation Through ePrep Courses

We are dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals. We believe that a strong academic foundation is essential for success in university studies, which is why we offer eprep courses specifically designed for university preparation. By taking these courses, students will gain a better understanding of the material and be well-equipped to excel in their future studies. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to ensure your academic success – enroll in eprep courses specially designed for university preparation today!
We also believe strongly that those who are not able to make it to the Singapore or other reputable universities due to various reasons (examples poor A level results, low polytechnic GPA, only N or O level, etc) to build a strong academic foundation so that they can proceed to university studies.

Support SkillsFuture@NS Scheme

 Singapore MinDef and MHA have introduced the SkillFuture@NS (SF@NS) Scheme to replace the NS e-PREP Scheme to continue to help the NSFs to be better prepared for their university studies because many of them perform very poorly in universities. One major advantage of the new SF@NS initiative is that there is no more limit to the number of courses an NSF can register for. NTU, through PACE, will continue to support the initiatives by MnDef and MHA and the ePrep courses will soon be available at SF@NS LXP. We strongly encourage every NSF to take this excellent opportunity provided by SkillFuture@NS Scheme to take up academic courses by reputable universities. NSFs can activate their account to access SF@NS LXP (Learning Experience Platform) at https://go.gov.sg/activatesfnslxp.

Promote 10 Special ePrep Courses by NTU

 The below-listed ten eprep courses by NTU were specially developed to help the NSFs to better prepare for their university studies. These eprep courses are now open to public also. These eprep courses have been constantly upgraded to provide more effective learning.
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