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Encourage University Preparation Through NS ePrep Courses

 We believe that every student should do academic preparation before starting his/her university studies, and we would like to encourage him/her to take eprep courses which are specifically developed for university preparation so that they will be much better prepared for their university studies. 
We also believe strongly that those who are not able to make it to the Singapore or other reputable universities due to various resons (eamples poor A level results, low polytechnic GPA, only N or O level, etc) to build a strong academic foundation so that they can proceed to university studies.

Support NS e-PREP Scheme

 Singapore MinDef (followed by MHA) started the NS e-PREP Scheme to help the NSFs to be better prepared for their university studies because many NSMen perform very poorly in universities. NTU, through PACE, has been the strongest supporter for the NS e-PREP Scheme since the very beginning of the NS e-PREP Scheme on 2003, and developed special ePrep course to support NS e-PREP Scheme. In order to encourage greater NSF participation, the course fees have been reduced to below S$350 (previously $385, now $342.39) so that every qualified NSF can sign up for one of these courses without having to provide any cash topping up. We strongly encourage every NSF to take this excellent opportunity provided by NS e-PREP Scheme.

Promote 10 Special NS ePrep Courses by NTU

 The below-listed ten eprep courses by NTU were specially developed to help the NSFs to better prepare for their university studies. These eprep courses are now open to public also. These eprep courses have been constantly upgraded to provide more effective learning. Also, signing up for any one of these ten eprep courses by NTU, enable one to access most of the materials on other courses, plus discrete mathematics, psychology, economics and Python programming – a student gets to prepare his/her university studies very comprehensively too.
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